Repousse and Chasing – Tar, metal, fire, stamping, precision, and release.

Repousse and Chasing:

Tar, metal, fire, stamping, precision, and release.

In October 2019, we traveled to northern India, entered a Tibetan art school, and found myself disappearing within an entire ward that is all Repousse.

There, Tibetan students work on one model, many days and sometimes even weeks. Yet, at the same time, in a parallel universe, everything has become computerized, immediate, and accurate.

Sitting on my lap in front of one of the students, staring at his work and dreaming that time will stop so that I will not have to end the discourse.

13 years back, sitting on a log in front of my master Ziva, and together chasing in hesitant, delicate stamping with maximum concentration, after one line, that slowly acquires depth, character, beauty, and interest.

Between me and the method, love was created, at first sight, each time washing my body with excitement.

Repousse, an ancient technique known in many cultures around the world. (Statue of Liberty in the USA, Tractate Mummy by Tut Anach Amun in ancient Egypt, Armor Plaques in ancient Greece, and many more ..)

This technique gives the jewelry an ancient orientation, a Goshen, and an authentic look.

Norbulingka, I am planning to come back to you and quench my thirst for whole days.

In the photo: a Tibetan Israeli – “Repousse Discourse”, in Norbulinka.

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